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    "devices" mean the f***ing STUPID "smart"phones, of course.

    This is what I got for deleting all cookies in my (also STUPID) Vivaldi web browser:

    Originally Posted by STUPID GitHub Bot
    A sign in attempt requires further verification because we did not recognize your device. To complete the sign in, enter the verification code on the unrecognized device.

    Device: Vivaldi on Windows
    Verification code: 908269

    If you did not attempt to sign in to your account, your password may be compromised.

    Visit to create a new, strong password for your GitHub account.

    If you'd like to automatically verify devices in the future, consider enabling two-factor authentication on your account. Visit learn about two-factor authentication.

    If you decide to enable two-factor authentication, ensure you retain access to one or more account recovery methods. See in the GitHub Help.

    The GitHub Team
    "Like this facility, I don't exist."
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    Does this work
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