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  1. Hi there,

    Recently, I have an issue with Ripbot264's distributed encoding where it will crash randomly during the second pass. On the master it will say "Idle" and is stuck at some percentage while the slave says "Encoding" but just sits there with a "Starting" message. When this happens the only way to close Ripbot is to force shut it down. It used to work flawlessly but now it seems like it's working every second time. I made no changes to my computers with only Ripbot updating itself automatically.

    However, after the latest Ripbot update it's gotten worse as now the client won't even start encoding. It compiles the chunks list and then just sits there as "Qued" and nothing happens. Also, what's odd is that the port on the server used to be 1000 and now it says 1003 for some reason when I never touched it and looks like it's not connecting. On the master I also noticed a warning icon and clicked it, it says that it can't connect or that it couldn't disconnect gracefully or something of that sort.

    For another test disabled the distributed encoding in the settings and after hitting "Apply" again Ripbot crashed and I had to force shut it down. After a reboot I launched it again and in the settings I could see that it applied the distributed encoding "Off" setting even though it crashed. I proceeded to run the job and it is working but on just one machine obviously but I would really like to get the distributed encoding working again.

    If someone has experienced this please offer some insight and if it's a bug then Atak I hope you can get it fixed soon.

    Hope y'all had a great holiday and all the best for 2020!
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  2. 1) you definetely should check memory! App crash during applying new settings (Simple saving to an ini file) is extremely weird!
    2) next check CPU with prime95
    3) make sure all encoding servers show version 1.17.0
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  3. Hi Atak,

    Thanks for replying. I don't believe that CPU and Mem is the problem because if that were the case then Ripbot264 would likely crash almost instantly when working hard just the one machine instead it seems to crash only when some of the work is offloaded to another machine. Not to mention that as I'm writing this not only is Ripbot transcoding but I have Chrome with many tabs open as well as working in Affinity Designer and there are no issues.

    But I do wonder about what you said regarding the software versions as I noticed a discrepancy between the two machines. Ripbot is set to automatically update on both machines.

    Master machine:


    Slave machine


    As I understand Ripbot auto updates at launch so why would there be this version discrepancy? Is there a way to manually or force update? Also, just so I'm clear should the Encoding Client also show version 1.17.0 on the master. The way I've been running Ripbot is launching the app on the main computer and on the secondary only the Encoding Server is running.

    Lastly, when I had the crash on the second pass, after force shutting Ripbot down I rebooted my main machine and when launched Ripbot again the updater started running. When finished and Ripbot launched my unfinished job was still in queue so I just clicked start to redo the encode and that's when the client would list the chunks and just sit there doing nothing. So for my last question, in such case is it recommended to delete the temp files and have Ripbot setup a new job after the app's been updated to prevent encoding or stuck issues?

    By the way my main machine is a Windows 7 64bit and the secondary is a Windows 10 64bit and they're both connected to the network via wired connection. I'm able to access the systems and copy files via network both ways without a problem.

    Thanks again for replying so quickly. Currently, I have Ripbot encoding on my main machine with about 8 hours to go. When it's done encoding I'll attempt to get it all updated to version 1.17.0 and report back on how it's behaving.

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  4. You must have latest version of encondingclient.exe and encodingserver.exe on your machines. Older versions are not compatible due to changes i've made in code responsible for communication.
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  5. On local machine the encoding was completed successfully after 14 hours.

    Can I force an update or do it manually? On my slave machine the update has run and everything is at the latest version but I have relaunched Ripbot multiple times on my local machine and the updater hasn't run and the Encoding Server is still

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  6. Why don't you just copy files from other machine?
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  7. LOL. That's what I ended up doing actually.

    I noticed a few changes in the client but have no idea what they mean can you please clarify? The grey server icons have a "0" marking and there's also a black box with number fluctuating between 1, 2 and 3. See screenshot.

    [Attachment 51243 - Click to enlarge]

    Also in that screen shot I'm assuming the color bar to the left of the server icon is the priority setting which shows that server 1 is running on low priority (cyan bar) while server 3 is running on high priority (rouge bar). Is this correct? I figured that I could set the priority of server 3 (slave machine) to be also on low but when I make the settings via command line switches on my master (see screenshot below) it has no effect and the bar on server 3 remains as rouge.

    [Attachment 51244 - Click to enlarge]

    I'm probably not understanding something and couldn't find any documentation regarding this so would appreciate if you could explain.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Ran a sample job after updating everything which completed successfully.
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    There's a new version out, on the properties/details tab, encodingclient.exe and encodingserver.exe are both 1.17.10
    Try that
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  9. Gpu don't work?
    when you sett, not cpu , but gpu, why not working?

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