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  1. I'm using Peace Equalizer's delay option and i want help getting a Frame-Perfect Audio/Video synchronization. I know you can open the preset file and add more digits with the notepad, or add a dot after the value and add one or two more digits but i don't fully understand it and by using just the normal milliseconds it feels like something is missing.

    Also can someone explain how does the "samples delay" work? and if it's better than "ms delay"?. If needed, any additional software is welcome (to perfectly set up Peace's delay option, not to process just a single video)

    Any help is highly appreciated, thanks
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  2. Thanks for nothing as always
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  3. Never heard of Peace Equalizer, I suspect the same can be said of most folks here and that's why you're not getting an answer. Nobody wants to steer you wrong. Peace appears to have a forum, that might be more useful.

    ms delay is probably milliseconds -- 1/1000ths of a second whereas sample delay likely means samples -- typically 44100/sec or 48000/sec.

    No idea if there's something simpler than typing.
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