Does anyone know if its possible to get stutter free or perfectly smooth 3:2 pulldown for 24p with a 60hz refreshrate on a PC with an Nvidia card. This would be super nice on my Sony Z9F as it can extract and do frame interpolation of 24 sources in 60hz streams, but so far all player and renderers I've tried will skip frames and render the pulldown unevenly and thus confusing the Motionflow algorithm making panning a frustrating stutter.

I know I can change the refresh rate to get smooth playback but then the mouse movement and windows will feel super sluggish and switching between refresh rates is super annoying manually, and even if I set up the player to do it automatically the whole screen goes black for a moment making jumping in and out a video to check something in a browser, eg a word or an actor/ess really jarring. I quite often have a show or a movie in progress but minimized while I work on other stuff where 60hz is required, it would a sooo incredibly nice to be able to keep the refreshrate at all times.

Is this possible?

PS. the MPC-HC Sync Renderer comes pretty close to a perfect 3:2 pulldown but it still stutter too often.