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  1. I have some home-brew dvd's that were authored incorrectly and the subtitles do not show up on a dvd/blu-ray player, they are there and will only work on my computer using a player such as vlc etc...

    Unfortunately the creator of the home-brew dvd is unable to be contacted so i want to try and fix the dvd so i can watch it on a standard dvd/blu-ray player.

    Is there any specific flag or setting i need to look for in the dvd files so that i can re-author it to get the subtitles working properly?
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  2. Have you tried turning them on when in the DVD player? By pushing the subtitle button? It could be they don't play by default and they have to be turned on. If true then, yes, there is a flag you can turn on to make them play automatically.

    In what format are the subs? They're not some stupid text format subs, are they, like SRTs? Post a text printout of what MediaInfo says about them.
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  3. After looking they appear to be picture based RLE? Below is the info for them. Also, they dont show up on the dvd player at all even when going i to the dvd player subtitle button

    ID : 32 (0x20)
    Format : RLE
    Format/Info : Run-length encoding
    Bit depth : 2 bits
    Language : English
    Language, more info : Normal
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  4. As near as I can determine, RLE are normal DVD SUP subtitles. Read this:

    Looking at a MediaInfo report in Text Mode, SUP subtitles have "Format: RLE" while closed captions have "Format: EIA-608"

    A home-made DVD of mine with SUP subtitles says the same as yours. And mine play fine in a DVD player. If perhaps something went wrong with the authoring, you can extract the assets (video, audio, chapters (also called celltimes) and SUP subtitles) using PGCDemux. Then reauthor using Muxman.

    To make the subs play automatically without having to turn turn them on, follow this old guide to using PGCEdit to do it:
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