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  1. Anybody like to share the attached pic mp42 (mp42/mp41) encoding application/software name.
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  3. Would you like to explain any few of them ?
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  4. You can go to the software tab at the top of this site and look for video encoders. There are descriptions.

    Scott is correct, there are literally hundreds of encoders that can match those parameters. You have also provided no information about what you are hoping to accomplish. That is why you are getting so few responses.
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  5. This has nothing to do with encoding; this is just the format brand for the MP4 container.

    Usually it has no significance for audio or video, although some hardware players might have compatibility issues with some brands (rare)

    You can remux it with mp4box to specify the brands . -brand mp42 for the main in that screenshot , -rb to remove the brands (e.g if source had isom or other variants) , -ab to add alternate brands (e.g. mp41 if you wanted to add it and it did not already have it)

    mp42 is supposed to the newer mp4v2 container (2003) ISO/IEC 14496-14:2003 , mp4v1 the older one (2001)
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  6. Thanks to Poison & also I'd like thanks to all for the useful information.
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  7. Please share full command syntax for using -rb how I can use this in FFmpeg to remove the brands.
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  8. Originally Posted by deepfrayder View Post
    Please share full command syntax for using -rb how I can use this in FFmpeg to remove the brands.
    Only mp4box;

    I don't see the options in ffmpeg fullhelp. There is only -brand for ffmpeg . That only applies to the major brand
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