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  1. If I want to use the photo attached here, to cover the face of the woman with the white jacket, how do I do that?
    Using a free version of Videopad, I managed to overlay it on a video in the correct time period. I also found out how to scale it. The problem is, having it follow her head. And it also needs to increase in size as she nears the camera.

    How would you suggest I do this and what software would you recommend?

    -any help would be much appreciated

    [Attachment 51153 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. Normally you do this with motion tracking . That records the position, scale, rotation of a "target" or targets. (e.g. woman's face) . Then you use that data for the replacement by "parenting" the replacement layer to a layer which holds the data

    I doubt videopad can do it. But many video editors have it too now. It used to be only effects type software like after effects, hitfilm, fusion, shake, nuke, etc... that had it

    After Effects is the "prototypical" one used for this for the last 10-15 years. There are many free tutorials on "face replacement" and motion tracking on youtube. Hitfilm is like an AE clone, and there is a free version available. It should be possible there too
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  3. Thankyou very much poisondeathray!
    Looks like I need a copy of After Effects.
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    Try out the free version of Da Vinci Resolve - it has motion tracking in it (I've used it for text tracking to objects) , there are tutorials on YT
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