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  1. Hello, I am trying to encode Lady Audley's Secret (DVD) using x264, muxed into an mkv. I am noticing strange patterns of duplicate frames in the encode. Judging by the Wikipedia article (, it was shot on UK TV standards and then adapted for PBS in America.

    I am new to the weird world of telecining and such. Attached is a 30 second sample of the film featuring a motion shot where many duplicate frames can be found. I have also attached the log from Handbrake. The DVD is encoded at 29.97 frames, but I seriously doubt the source comes at that rate. When I encode it at 25fps I still get duplicates.

    Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
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  2. I need to see a sample of the source to be sure. But it looks like you have a field blended PAL to NTSC conversion. Handbrake will not be able to fix that, you'll need AviSynth. The filter sequence will likely be:

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