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  1. I've just started trying to create ISO files for burning H.264 ripped video to 25GB Blu-Ray BD-R discs, and have found AVCHDCoder excellent at it. But it seems there's no way to set it to do quicker single pass encodes. Configuring it to run in 64 bit mode speeds things up considerably. But it would be nice to be able to run it on my older 32 bit backup PC too. Does anyone know if there's any tweak or hack that could make single pass possible?

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    Nope, but I've been using VSO ConvertxtoHD. It's pretty quick and you can do one pass. I gave up on all the other bluray encoders out there because of speed as well as functionality and recently gave convertxtoHD another try and figured it out and it works perfectly. Even with one pass it looks really good. I haven't tried more passes because really just don't want to wait that long.
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