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  1. Handling DVD-R and MDisc DVD optical discs If there is any presence of muriatic acid vapor in the air, will this vapor get inside the discs and corrode the metal reflecting layer?

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    Here we go again...


  3. Originally Posted by Cornucopia View Post
    Here we go again...


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    Was waiting for you to return, gamemanico, gamemanico2, mediafiles87, samus87, rocknroll racing and probably a few others I've missed, since lordsmurf closed your thread on the topic at digitalfaq.

    Edit: BTW, before someone comes here and accuses me of being rude and unjust:

    gamemanico - banned
    gamemanico2 - banned
    mediafiles87 - banned
    samus87 - banned
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    Thread closed,powatrin-please do not continue the disc drama.
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