Hi all...

I am having this strange problem with easySUP where I need to convert srt to PGS format. The program was working fine until recently where I think few weeks ago I had to uninstall and re-install some codecs. Now it always ends up with this result: Error Processing subtitles!

I would appreciate any help. I tried to uninstall all codecs and then install only LAV filters with xySubfilter and VSFilter. Also, madVR is installed.

the problem always arise after avs2bdnxml finishes its part, the log is listed below:

[12:07:55] Subtitle file loaded (ABC.srt)
[12:07:56] Video properties imported! (ABC.mkv)
[12:07:56] Video: 1280x720 @ 23.976, Duration: 647 sec (15512 frames)
[12:08:00] Subtitle processing (step 1)...
[12:08:05] Done!
[12:08:10] Subtitle processing (step 1)...
[12:08:28] Subtitle processing (step 2)...
[12:08:29] Error processing subtitles!
[12:08:31] Done!

Any clue?!