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  1. Hello,

    I have been looking for a long time for a player that would have cutter/splitter options included. Basically my job requires me to make montages from videos and this functionality would be very practical (instead of switching every time to editors). I use mpv as my default player usually, but it doesn't have these. VLC have that option but it's pretty terrible as it doesn't cut precisely where I set the marks when I try to cut a short clip of a few seconds (it works better with longer clips). And I tried many players but I didn't find these options in any of them.

    I know it is possible with ffmpeg, but I'm looking for a GUI solution.

    What I need is easy. I watch a video with the player, I see a part I want to cut, I can do it directly within that player 'precisely' (frame by frame - I select mark one and mark two and it's a go). A splitter option would be a bonus if included.

    Important: I need the player to be able to read subtitles (srt files, etc...).

    Let me know if you have ideas.

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