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  1. Hi guys

    I know exactly what I want to do but have no real idea how to do it.

    I want to create educational videos like this one.

    In this case the engineer is using a camera looking down on his workbench plus at least 5 inserted Picture in Picture windows showing; the following

    readouts on 3 different test gear (top left)
    video of himself (top right)
    an onscreen oscilloscope app (bottom right).

    At times I want to switch the main background to the view from above my workbench, the view through my trinocular microscope, the view of my BGA rework machine (on a nearby work bench) or the view of my Internet Browser (when looking at online datasheets). I will only ever need one of these at a time as the main background, I don't need them simultaneously, I just need to be able to switch easily between them. I need record sound of myself speaking, I don't need to insert music etc.

    Being able to add an intro screen/video and overlay contact details or explanatory/errata test after recording and before uploading would also be desirable. Typical videos could be up to an hour, maybe more.

    So that is what I need to do. Problem is I have no idea where to start, what hardware and software I need?. Video switchers? Cameras? Capture cards etc.

    My microscope already has a 21 Mpixel camera with HDMI output.

    Hopefully some folks here can advise on how to set up this sort of video studio and give an idea of what is the total cost going to come to.

    Best regards
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  2. Hmm it seems this was either a really dumb question to ask or this is the wrong forum to ask those sort of questions

    I'll try elsewhere

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  3. any video editor, NLE, that can use enough tracks, depending how many you need. Ideally one track per camera.

    You turn all of your cameras on, and first you have to reference them all, so you can line them up in sync in that editor. Because you do not turn them on all at the same time. So you turn all of the camcorders on and and then just abruptly turn the lights off/on in the room before you start talking and making a show, then those cameras have to roll all the time, you do not stop them, only at very end of show.
    Then you load all camera footages into that NLE software, one footage per track. PIP camera footages go to the top, main footage to the bottom. Then you sync them moving those video footages on track right or left, based on that light flash. That flash has to line up from top to bottom for each track.
    Make each track appropriately smaller and position them in a corner you want. You do that with one of those build in effects for PIP. Vegas uses Pan/Crop
    Then you just cut off parts you do not need.

    So you get some NLE software, I'd recommend Magix Vegas. Those cheapest $40 versions Movie Studio have only 4 tracks including audio trackI think, so you might go with Platinum version , but double check how many tracks you can have there.
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  4. The fellow you've linked to seems to be using a clever combination of screen capture and live streaming software. OBS is specifically visible.

    However, from your description it seems like you should just try a regular edit, allowing yourself to start and stop and add music and titles after the fact. In that case any NLE that allows for multiple tracks will suit your needs. (I concur with _AI_ that Vegas is great for beginners and can be upgraded as you become more sophisticated.) Again given your description, even syncing the different sources only needs to be minimal.
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    I download a TV arrangement and attempt to put the 4 scenes onto a dvd. I utilize Winavi to change over the scenes to dvd arrange, all Ok, sound is fine when I check them. I at that point utilize either to encode the dvd's. it at this phase things turn out badly, having copied two or three dvd's before checking the dvd's, I found that the sound had left match up on the majority of every scene, by about a second or thereabouts, and completely through. When I have checked the yield on nero before consuming the plates, the sound was out at this stage.
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