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  1. Recently i have started getting a pink, yellow or black/grey screen when the pc has been waking up from sleep, its been doing it for prob 5-8 weeks, everything was fine beforehand, i noticed my graphics driver had been updated so i went back tyo an older one it didnt change anything, ive checked the hdmia wire, and the tv and its not them. you have to restart pc to get rid of it and ive noticed the keyboard lights dont go on or off if you press numb lock or caps lock, a couplf of weeks ago i changed it to hibernate and was working fine until the other day when it started doing it again,

    so what im looking at is it my

    graphics card - geforce GTX 1050i 4gb only 4 months old, there has been no other graphics problems, im playing games fine and stuff

    is it windows, i have windows 10 1902 updated on 01/08/19, no other problems with windows

    or is it my hard drive, had it a while it was for storage before and my last hard drive died so i started using that again no other problems with hard drive or anything else on pc

    i looked it up online and there was numerous stuff but nothing really related, some are saying its windows and there has always been some sort of sleep problem, sleep/hibernate are very usual and ive been using them fine for over a year now, having to turn pc on and off is a pain especially the time it takes to startup and load everything.

    so has anyone else had the same problem or know of similar problems and what it might be
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  2. i think this is a windows update problem when i checked the windows version it was 1909, and it said the date was 01/08/19, so i thought that uodated on that date but thats not the case ive just realised i formatted my hard drive on 01/08/19 and think i put version 1903 on and that updated to 1909 on 22/11/19, which is probably when all this started, so im going to try and uninstall the 1909 update and see what happens, but it might lead to me formatting my hard drive again and i will put version 1903 back on and im going to turn off updates so i dont get that update again, its just causing too many sleep problems when there was no problems before, ive also just done a search and there is others having problems with sleep due to 1909 and a whole load of other bugs, ive found something to try and see if it works if not ill uninstall the update
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