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  1. Reading all about the best vcr for just watching vhs tapes, I decided to buy an 80s jvc because I read they are one of the best brands, and 80s VCRs are built to last a long time. The vcr picture quality is nice, but there is always a little snow at the bottom of the picture. So I adjust the tracking to make the little bit of snow at the bottom go away, but then the top of the picture gets a little too snowy and no matter how fine I use the tracking, either there is that little bit of snow at the bottom, or the top. I tried to open the top to clean the inside, but there is a problem. I look at this video on youtube of the same vcr -
    In the video he shows the circuit board flips open to get to all the important parts, but on mine (same model) I open mine up, unscrew all the screws holding the circuit board down, but the circuit board is pressed right up against the back of the vcr (does not seem to move at all, even after unscrewing all the screws), so there is no room for it to flip open because it is pressed right against the back of the vcr, so I can't figure out how to flip it open like he does in the youtube video. Can anyone tell me how I might be able to fix the snow on the bottom of the picture, or how to properly flip open the circuit board inside the vcr to clean it? Should I just bring it to an electronics repair shop? Any idea about how much it will cost to fix the little bit of snow that appears at the bottom of the picture? Please and thanks for any information.

    Edit - I forgot there is also something else messing up with the vcr. Certain tapes rewind properly to the beginning. But most tapes when rewinding, will just stop at some point, not at the beginning, and force me to hit rewind again to make it continue rewinding to the beginning. Sometimes I have to hit the rewind button an extra 15-20 times to make most tapes fully rewind to the beginning. Very frustrating. The vcr was listed as "tested and working" but all these problems, I sort of feel ripped of and deserve a refund.
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    Something like this isn't a recommended model VCR, usually not worth repairing.
    These are recommended: VCR Buying Guide (S-VHS, D-VHS, Professional) for restoring video

    The actual issue is likely alignment, and/or failing heads condition.
    Again, it's an old deck, heads don't last forever.
    Gravity causes alignment drift over time.

    The rewind problem may be motor related. Those don't last forever either.

    Most eBay listing have that BS of "tested and working", but almost never is. The person is either clueless or lying in many cases. Any picture or any quality, and any LED lights on the unit, and the goober seller deems it to be "tested" and "working". Only in the most obtuse way is it either.

    You must be careful where you buy VCRs.
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