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  1. hey guys happy to be here, I m new so be gentle

    I know there are a lot of threads on this topic but as I m new to recoding I don't really know what's best or what to use in times of settings or program to use for the job.
    I normally use vidcoder to do my recording but this first time i to do something like this

    I want to know what's the best method to remove grain in the video while still keep the quality?

    its Blu-ray Anime from the 80s so that's where the grain comes in. its Dragon Ball Z 4:3 aspect ratio 1080P 23.97fps. I can upload a sample file with the same as source settings I normally use for most stuff. The Level Sets are as close to the source as possible

    DBZ is my all-time fav show so I care about quality and encode time doesn't really matter as long as it doesn't take years of course

    thanks in advance
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