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    I've been using a DMR-ES15 as a passthrough for VHS and Beta, it works great for VHS but beta it is creating this odd pattern on the screen, visible more in some videos than others but many it is very noticeable... See the pics and samples (the screenshots are from the deinterlaced file, the captures are raw) Also the NR is off in the Panasonic.

    No Passthrough
    [Attachment 51022 - Click to enlarge]

    DMR ES-15 (Zoom in)
    [Attachment 51023 - Click to enlarge]

    Any ideas? Could the DMR-ES15 be defective (or the beta machine have some problem)?
    Many of the much worse quality beta recordings the effect is pretty much not even there.

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  2. Noise like that is usually some kind of noise/interference. Make sure all devices are plugged into the same power strip. Remove other devices from the power strip (or wall socket). If there's a cable TV connection -- disconnect it. Make sure to use decent (not necessarily expensive) cables.
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