Would it be possible to build a pc with several capture cards (USB and/or PCI) to capture several analog video sources at the same time?

Is it possible to use several instances of virtualdub, each instance would use a different video capture card.
(I have already had blue screen problems with virtualdub).

Therefore, it is possible to do the same with multiple minidv acquisition via several FireWire PCI cards.

The idea is to build a pc with a SSD hard disk of one terabyte, several external hard disks in USB 3 or internals.
Two FireWire connections and two or three video capture cards.
16 gigas of RAM and an octocoreur cpu.

The purpose of course is to be able to do analog or old video formats capture, saving time and taking advantage of the power of today's computers.

(and by the way, thanks for this forum, it help a lot)