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  1. Enhanced Video Renderer (custom presenter) is the default renderer for MPC-HC and is usually quite enough for me. However when I made the switch to a 2160p screen I started noticing that this renderer had difficulties upscaling 480p@60fps content. Whenever the player is maximized or fullscreened, frames will drop intermittently. Looking at the stats, I fail to see where it comes from. There isn't any massive lag spikes, but the video still appears to stutter heavily from time to time.

    I've tried other available renderers, like Sync and VMR9 which had no such issue but had they own problems (with Sync the video takes more time to load, and VMR has a bad quality upscaler). I've also tried madVR which also has this issue unless I enable "smooth motion frame rate conversion". However I do not like madVR for a couple different reasons and really want to stick with MPC-HC, which leaves me with few options. I'm also using MPC's internal LAV splitters/decoders.

    Anything I could try?
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  2. Are you using integrated graphics? Or a low end graphics card?
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  3. No. I'm running a GTX 1060 for the GPU, and i7-8700 for the CPU.
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    Give a try to MPC Video Renderer ++ the 64-bit MPC-BE.

    MPC-HC still doesn't support MPCvr natively, but you already can use it anyway
    (by adding it to the list of external filters and setting its merit to 0x00800000).

    P.S.: defragging your disks regularly might help as well.
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  5. EVR Custom Presenter has problems on my computer too. I believe it's a matter of insufficient bandwidth between the graphics adapter and main memory (I'm running integrated graphics on a i5 2500K). I run a 2560x1440 monitor and it stutters at full screen. The other output devices don't have that problem.
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