Hi, It is easy to get subtitles using vl sub, an add on for vlc media player by github.
i downloaded the vl sub file and when i used it to download the subtitle for the running current video, it shows, the various subtitles as per the request, but when i click the download the selected subtitle, it just shows green progress and stops at it
Sometimes it shows, vl cub version no. is not respnding error, and hanging there . it says to kill the process and if i click, it closes or hangs there.
How to fix it.
what i tried is just the latest from the github site and copy the vlsublua to the Crogramfiles>videolan>vlc,lua, extensions and then paste the lua file there after deleting the old lua file.
exit the vlc and then again open vlc.
But the problem still persissts.
Second, i tried to open the lua file and try to search http:/1.1 and change it 1.0 version, but i could not find the http:/1.1.
please say, how to fix it.
downloading from other sites need some more changes of time of subtitles.
vl sub, just downloadsthe exact timed subttles for the runnilng movie