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  1. Please advise/guide how to use the filters, flags and below mentioned options ton encode video using FFmpeg.

    1. How to Enable & Encode videos using Apple QuickTime Writing Library.

    2. How to set color range to "Limited" in FFmpeg.

    3. How to restrict standard to PAL.

    3. How to select different available encoders for encoding e.g LSMASH or Libmatroska to encode MKV video.
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  2. at first: secondly zeranoe forum

    @1 - not sure what means for you Apple Quicktime wroting library... please elaborate more on this
    @2 - there is few ways - usually you can set limited quantization range using or dedicated command or using filters with proper configuration, ffmpeg can be tricky on this so you need elaborate more but simplest way is to use:
      -color_range       <int>        ED.V..... color range (from 0 to INT_MAX) (default unknown)
         unknown                      ED.V..... Unspecified
         tv                           ED.V..... MPEG (219*2^(n-8))
         pc                           ED.V..... JPEG (2^n-1)
         unspecified                  ED.V..... Unspecified
         mpeg                         ED.V..... MPEG (219*2^(n-8))
         jpeg                         ED.V..... JPEG (2^n-1)
    to manually control your quantization range probably you need to call above twice within line - before and after input .

    @3 - unclear - PAL is standard to encode colour information within composite video signal - elaborate more on this

    @4 video or audio encoder are called trough -c:v videocodecname and correspondingly for audio -c:a audiocodecname
    check ffmpeg available encoders by using:
    ffmpeg -encoders
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  3. Thanks pandy for response, I am uploading some pics for clarification as required and need to use & mentioned in encoding video.

    -1. Is it possible to use writing library: Apple Quictime in FFmpeg (as shown in attached pic) if yes then how can I use/select this to encode video using said writing library for mp4.

    -2. I want to encode video using Color Range = Limited in FFmpeg (as shown in attached pic).

    -3. Is it possible to show PAL standard after encoding from NTSC standard (as shown in attached pic).

    -4. Shall we use Writing Application: mkvmerge & Writing Library: libebml + libmatroska (as shown in attached pic) encoder to create mkv in FFmpeg.

    Hope this clear to you and respond with help and advise.
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Name:	@2 Color Range = Limited.JPG
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Name:	@3 Standard NTSC.JPG
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Name:	@4 Writing Application mkvmerge & Writing Library libebml + libmatroska.JPG
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