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    Hi everyone,

    I Tried to remux a movie with a thd Atmos Track to a m2ts file.
    First I used eac3to to create a thd+ac3 core.
    Then i used tsmuxer to convert the mkv to m2ts with the thd+ac3 audio.
    I had to create a ac3 core cause otherwise tsmuxer cant read the thd track.
    The Problem i now have is, that the m2ts video is not synced with the audio.
    Thats up to tsmuxer cause to test it i used mkvtoolnix to mux the original mkv with the new created thd+ac3 and everything worked fine.
    I Thought its because in tsmuxer it shows FrameRate: not Found when i open the mkv, so i tried to change fps 24000/1001 to set it to the default 23,976 but this dont makes any diference.
    Even when i try to mux the original mkv with the dts audio of the mkv to a m2ts the audio is not synced anymore.
    The reason i want to do this is because my Bluray Player can only play m2ts with Atmos audio. mkv only works with DTS-HD MA or lower
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