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  1. I've tried literally everything I possibly could to get this video ""
    I cannot find anyway to get it, all I keep getting is .m3u8 files and whenever I try to convert them in VLC media player it wont properly convert

    If anyone know how to do it, please teach me, I want to continue downloading videos in the future too
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  2. m3u8 files are playlists. From that FLV link you get the playlist:

    Inside that playlist is a list of TS files:

    ... and about 4570 more
    You can use a program like youtube-dl or streamlink to download via that m3u8 link:

    youtube-dl ""
    streamlink -o output.ts " best"
    Those programs will download all the segments and append them into one file.

    You can even use VLC's Convert/Save feature. File -> Convert/Save, enter the m3u8 URL, select a container, set video and audio to Keep Original Track, set a name for the output file, save.
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  3. Thank you both so much
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  4. Hello, since I kinda have the same problem I thought of using this topic instead of creating a new one. I want to download past streams from users of Picarto on a website like keepvideo[dot]id
    but it doesn't work with the link I got by right clicking on the video. I downloaded youtube dlg but it doesn't work either (or I'm doing something wrong).

    Oh, want to say that the url I got doesn't look like the url the creator of this thread has in his problem. So maybe if I know how to have an url like this, it could solve my problem
    What I got is something like picarto[dot]tv/ffgg80-1d33-....
    So yeah I'm kinda stuck, if anyone have a solution I'm glad to hear it, thanks in advance.
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  5. Use a browser's Developer Tools (press F12) to monitor network traffic. Look for index.m3u8. Use that url with youtube-dl.
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  6. Thank you for answer, I wil try it!
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