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    Hello, and thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.
    I'm new to VSDC and am very interested in learning it.
    I have an mov file that has an alpha channel, I would like to overlay it onto another clip, so that the clip underneath shows through where the transparent part of the alpha is. I'm not sure why this isn't working.
    I've used a few other free editing softwares out there has been a pretty easy thing to do. Simply overlay the mov file with the alpha, and the clip underneath shows through.

    How do I go about doing this in VSDC. I'm sure I'm just missing something super obvious.
    Thanks again.
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    For alpha channels to work:

    1. The file format (and codec) has to support alpha channels
    2. The file in question has to have an alpha channel included
    3. The alpha channel needs to have pertinent data in it (aka a "keyhole")
    4. The app needs to support alpha channels, in that file format (and codec)
    5. The app needs to be told to interpret the file as including an alpha channel, of a particular type (e.g. set white=xparent, black=opaque)
    6. The compositing/FX layers/tools (or timeline layers, if that is the paradigm for that app) need to be set up properly to utilize the alpha channel so that it keys using the "keyhole".
    7. You need to have the pertinent layers all be visible/enabled.
    8. With some apps, you may need to (pre-)render.

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  3. Since that video works properly in other programs, it's obviously a VSDC problem

    IIRC it had problems with certain types of MOV . I think it supports one of them like PNG RGBA in MOV. What type is yours ? You can check with mediainfo . If you had QTRLE (the other common type with alpha) , you might have to convert it (e.g. using something like ffmpeg)
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