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  1. Hi all,
    I have gone above and beyond the call of duty to search on Google to why companies block other countries from viewing content, only to find how to unblock yourself from viewing content.

    Why do they do it?. That's all I want to know. They are losing profit aren't they?. Why cant people in Canada watch content in the USA?.
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    Essentially the same reason why there are Region Codes on dvd/blu rays.

    Content is licenced for specific regions so is geo-blocked for others. On one platform certain UK content is blocked for UK viewers yet that same content can be seen on another platform but is geo-blocked for other countries from there.
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    Originally Posted by videoguy102 View Post
    Why do they do it?. That's all I want to know.
    Because they are scoundrels, period.
    "Like this facility, I don't exist."
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    Company A may only have the license to distibute in certain countries, B in other countries. Due to complexities of acquiring licenses in all those countries.
    Or, certain countries have greater censorship rules, and some companies don't have the capability to police/curate their offerings to that acceptable level.
    Or, it cost too much more to acquire worldwide rights.
    Or, it could be the strategy to release in only certain markets to test first, or to have graduated rollout to increase the tail.

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