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  1. Hey guys,

    it's more an SFX question than editing, but maybe some of you have an idea.

    New regulations and laws of the hated EU are forcing us editors to censor every licence plate that can be seen on television or youtube etc. By the way, licence plates are completely anonymous, no other person than a LEO can find out which number is registrated to which person, but that's whole other story.

    So now I have to censor tons of licence plates, from hours of dashcam videos. I'm doing it by hand or tracking but both ways take en enormous ammount of time and effort. I don't hink there's an algorithm out yet, which could extract or blur licence plates automatically.

    So my plan is to change the whole look of the video. Do you have any ideas of what effect filters or layers could be helpfull?
    I'm looking for something like the famous BCC filters like BCC cartooner or BCC posterize or BCC water color and so on. They look all great but they defenitely won't hide any licence plates.

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    'Moving Path' or, as you put it, 'Tracking' is the most efficient way.

    Political discussion is not allowed here but I think this law, which I have not heard of before but then the EU brings 'em out like confetti, is possibly designed to protect privacy. Whilst, as you say, only the police can trace a number many could recognise the number of a friend or neighbour who might wish to be reminded if they did something untoward.
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