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  1. Hi all,

    I am trying to burn a ISO image for a DVD for a friend. I have 3 subtitle tracks (2 languages + one track for the deaf or hard-of-hearing). If I use DVDStyler to import the video and add the 3 tracks separately, the quality of the subtitles is very bad (low-resolution).

    I was able to follow some tips from this forum to get good results, by using MKVToolNixGUI to combine the video and the subtitles before importing the resulting .mkv video on DVDStyler. The quality is ok but still not perfect.

    Do you have any other solutions to get even better results?

    (I have a PC - Windows 10)
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  2. Do you have any other solutions to get even better results?
    I create SSA subs and then use MaestroSBT to create excellent SST subtitles for use in Muxman. If you figure out how to do all that, you'll wind up with professional quality subtitles created to your specs.
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  3. DVD subs are low res graphics without any antialiasing. You'll never get high quality subs with them.
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  4. Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    You'll never get high quality subs with them.
    As compared to what?

    It's possible to use one of the four colors available for DVD subtitles to provide decent antialiasing. I use it every time and that's one of the advantages of using MaestroSBT for the job of creating DVD subtitles.

    I don't use DVDStyler and have no idea how it creates its subs or what might be wrong with the subs it creates. Apparently, pitas is unhappy with the subs he creates using DVDStyler. And I think he probably compares them with subs on retail DVDs and finds his wanting.
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    I agree with manono on this. 4 color used judiciously can give quite reasonable antialiasing. Just have to use the right tools.

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  6. I know you and antialias (a bit) when you create the subs. But the DVD player itself will not antialias. And the subs are rendered at the low DVD resolution (in this day of 2K and 4K video and displays) before being upscaled for display. So they're low quality compared to SRT (or other text based) subs that can be rendered with antialiasing at upscaled resolutions. So if the guy is used to watching SRT subs on an HD monitor he's going to perceive DVD subs as low quality.
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    I have a hard enough time reading subs, so quick ... I don't admire the visual quality.

    ASS/SSA are nice, but I have to embed those into the video anyway, nothing ever plays them 100% correctly, if at all.
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  8. Thanks for your answers!

    I'll try to give MaestroSBT a try then. I'll let you know if I get better results.

    From what I read I know I won't get perfect subtitles on a DVD, but I would still try to get at least better results that what I have at the moment.
    (Also maybe I should try and play a bit more with the color palette on DVDStyler.)
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