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    I have a system that allows me a few options when setting up encoding. They currently won't help us with H265 because they are not ready to support it. I have installed ffmpeg with the h265 library already and I see the option for codec: hevc now. Can someone help me with the flags I should pass to ffmpeg?

    We want the highest quality visually first. Our outputs with H264 are around 4GB but I will worry about the size after I see the quality.

    My options currently are:

    Video Pixel Format: yuv420p
    Additional Flags: -f mp4 -vprofile baseline

    Thank you in advance.
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    In general, for the first steps, trust the generic exposed parameters of libx265: "preset" to control the balance between compression speed and efforts, and "crf" to control the quality loss threshold. Visually transparent quality can be achieved for CRF values below about 20; 15..18 is a quite common range for high demands.

    I would not recommend to use "-vprofile baseline" (except you are absolutely sure your playback device does not support any more advanced profile).
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