Hi! all.
I'm searching for a video editor that I can use to sync the audio to the video.
I have some films that have 2 or 3 stereo audio tracks, like english, french, german, etc. etc,
that have from minor to severe sync problems. I use to do it with FFMPEG when it's all the
same time for all the audio tracks, or FFMPEG and Audacity when it's progressive time,
without re-encoding. But there must be something easier to do that . I don't mind
a moderate fee for a soft that let me play with those audio tracks, easily.
Thanks for your help. I'm on win7-64.

I did try to email for some soft under $100 but one never reply and 2 reply telling
me to try it and I can ask for a refund if not ok with me, but never talk about audio tracks.