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  1. Hello.

    I was trying to synch audio track from Zoom H6 to audio from GoPro HERO6 to match the better Zoom audio to GoPro video and the most terrible thing occured to me.

    Their internal clocks run at different speeds. The audio is sampled in 48kHz in both tracks, but when i synch in one place it becomes out of synch in er point in time. Like I symch a point near the end of 1h mark and when inspecting the middle and begining the same characteristic amplitudes are out of synch.

    Does this qualify for warranty repair? I need to make tests which one samples faster, or slower.

    Anyway, how to fix that, so that they match during the whole length? I guess the only option is to change the speed of Zoom track, because Gopro has fixed fps.
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  2. No two crystal oscillators ever have exactly the same frequency. And they will vary depending on temperature, voltage, age, etc. You're never going to get two different devices that match sample for sample of a long period of time.

    Keep in mind that a 60 fps video has frames that display for 16.7 ms. So you don't need the audio to match sample for sample. Just to within a frame or so.
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  3. You can fix sync drift automatically in Plural Eyes or manually in a number of audio programs such as Audacity.

    If you're not going to be using the whole hour, it may be just as easy to find exact sync at one end or the other and make adjustments in your NLE as you go.
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  4. OK, I'll have to measure the drift, maybe it's imperceivable, good I don't have to mix them.
    By the way I use 25 fps. I should in my signature, like on digitalfaq, so as not to get confusion from NTSC users.

    How can I achieve it in audacity?

    I am using the full audio recording, because it's for concert footage.
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