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    I have a .avi file - - - I want to remove the audio from this and replace with an audio file of my choice.

    The avi file length is 1hr30mins3secs. The one I want to replace audio with is 1hr30mins1secs.

    Please explain how to go about doing this, and which free software I can use for this.

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  2. What kind of AVI? The video and audio inside, and the kind of audio you're using to replace the original. If you don't know, check with MediaInfo or show us what the text portion says.

    If it's a standard AVI (Xvid or DivX video with MP3 or AC3 audio, among other possibilities), open it in Virtual Dub. Set video to Direct Stream Copy. In the Audio tab choose "Audio from other file" and scroll to the replacement audio. Then File->Save as AVI. Again, all this depends on you having a compatible AVI and replacement audio.
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