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    I'm not sure what the actual term is or whats happening so that's why I came here. Around the lines of the characters in my sample you will see a greenish glow, and then a redish glow. What is this? How/can I fix it?

    Heres my script:
    MPEG2Source("J:\TV Shows\Cowboy Bebop test\DVD\Session 1\Episode 1\COWBOY_BEBOP_V1.d2v", cpu=0)
    tcomb(mode=2).Bifrost(interlaced=true) #DotCrawl Fix
    vmtoon(strength=48, thinning=12)
    WhiteBalance(r1=254, g1=253, b1=255, r2=1, g2=4, b2=0, interlaced=True) #Balances color
    QTGMC(Preset="Slow") #Deinterlacer
    srestore(23.976) #Restores Framerate to 24 fps
    Crop(8, 0, -8, -0) #Crops video borders
    AddBorders(8, 0, 8, 0) #Adds clean borders
    LanczosResize(640, 480) #Resizes DVD to 480p 4:3 properly
    dehalo_alpha(rx=2.0, ry=2.5, ss=6) #Dehaloer
    Heres the sample:

    If you have any suggestions to my script please let me know! Thanks.
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  2. Look into de-rainbow filters.
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