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    hi im a motorbiker looking to make and edit my own videos just looking for some video effects like explosions and other graphics to add to my videos if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated
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  2. Hi jay666,

    yes, smrpix had a pretty good idea.
    Here is a groovy video about filmora:
    This will help you to gain a better insight into the usaeg of this video editor.

    Besides filmora, I can recommend you the video editor that is called movavi. With movavi you can easily edit and enhance your videos with additional special effects.

    The third one that I can suggest you as a newbie, is the Adobe After Effects. This is simply just gonna blow your mind. Check this video out and get amazed:
    You can literally put many many many different effects into your video and pump it, so it meets your expectations in the end.

    Hope these 3 tips helped you a bit. Wish you all the best for video editing.
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