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  1. recently, I just had this weird problem. I cant seem to open avspmod anymore. I have been doing encoding job for more than 4 years and this is the first time happens. I tried to open it as an admin but seems not an answer. I tried deleting and reinstalling but failed. Usually, I view my scripts with that software and now it is dead. Can you guys give me a solution?
    It was functional till last week. I turn off firewall to check whether it blocks or not. I have never faced this before.
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  2. Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Damn it, That message pops up and now i cant do my encoding. Can anybody help this?
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  3. Have you installed 64-bit Avisynth recently? The message in red (in the second pic) is talking about being unable to load a 32-bit dll in 64-bit Avisynth.
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  4. The second image is telling you exactly what's wrong. AudioLimiter.dll is a 32 bit dll. But you are running 64 bit AviSynth -- which can only use 64 bit dlls.
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  5. Is there 32bit version
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