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  1. Dear colleagues
    When I have a video file with soft coded subtitles or , maybe , an SRT file, I usually want to hard code the subtitles.
    When I look at the result, frequently I find that at the end of a line, a single character is missing (please see attached screen grab as an example, in which the letter "p" is missing.
    The problem occurs a lot for me. The program I am using most often is Handbrake. However I have tried Vidcoder too, and, regrettably, am experiencing the indentical problem with Vidcoder as occurs with Handbrake.
    Please does anyone know if this is a frequently experienced issue. Also please can anyone advise why this happens, and, more importantly, whether there is a work-round to the problem.
    Any tips or advice here would be greatly appreciated
    Best wishes
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    ian c
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  2. You're sure the missing letters are there in the original SRT file? If you don't know, open it in Notepad and look.

    Maybe upload it here so others can use it to test.
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  3. Dear manono
    Thank you for your kind and swift response. Having read your advice, I have checked the SRT file. It does have the letters in it (the ones missing on the encoded video file that is). In that regard, please may I upload herewith the SRT file in question. Upon examining the SRT file, one will note that as an example, the missing character (letter 'p') seen on the above screen grab, is present in the SRT file at 00:52:03,870 --> 00:52:14,781
    Further direction and advice please would be appreciated
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    ian c
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  4. And by the way, Vidcoder is just an alternate front end for Handbrake's engine. So you would expect it to have the same problems.

    I suspect the problem is the frame size. Try disabling Handbrake's cropping (use custom cropping, 0,0,0,0). Or forcing mod 4 or mod 8 cropping.
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  5. Dear jagabo
    Thank you again.
    I must admist to being very much an amateur, and it is all strange to me. However I next time I do a video subtitle hard code I am going to try and find out about this cropping and disable it or try one of your suggestions. I shall be reporting back and thank you .Ian
    ian c
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  6. I took a random 1280x720 video and cropped it down to 1202x718 in Handbrake 1.2.2. That particular subtitle rendered correctly. I didn't look at every one but I didn't see any errors in a quick scan.

    [Attachment 50809 - Click to enlarge]
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  7. Hi Jagabo
    Thank you for your kind effort in my behalf. I feel sure if that subtitle rendered correctly all the others would have too.
    Mind you the video format of the files I have been using are MP4 . Please do you know would this make any difference.

    In a nutshell, please , are you saying I need to crop the frame size to make it smaller, and that that could well solve my problem.
    I am going to re-do the video file attached to the SRT and try it again with cropping.
    ian c
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  8. I started with a 1280x720 25 fps MKV file. The source file shouldn't make any difference. Neither should the container of the otuput file (mp4 in my test). I thought that the mod 2 frames sizes might confuse the subtitle renderer -- but that wasn't a problem here (many programs have trouble with mod 2 frame dimensions). Still, I recommend you try a mod 4 or mod 8 frame size (Dimensions tab, Modulus) to be sure. Of course, I was judging your frame size from the JPEG image you posted -- maybe the image isn't the same dimensions as the video depending on how you made it. I don't know what else you might try.
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  9. Thank you so much. I shall try that and report back. To be honest some of the jargon is above my head, but I think I get the gist of what you kindly advise.
    By the way, I downloaded the video in question from here:
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    ian c
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  10. Dear jagabo.
    Well, I tried it again. I chose modular 4 and cropped it taking it down one peg. Sadly the results were not different. Pehaps even more severe dropping took place.
    Strangely I use another program called HD video converter factory to do hard coding of my subtitles. When I use that particular program I never get the problem. The only problem with using that program is that the resultant output file is very large. I would prefer handbrake but am not sure what to do now. Could it be something to do with the length of lines on the subtitles or something, or could it be the character encoding please?
    ian c
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