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  1. Just started using this. Pretty good but struggling a little. I am trying to create simple transitions between image clips - fade in and fade out. This is proving difficult, sometimes they sort of work others, not at all. Fade in = 00.00.5 Fade out = 00.00.5. The clips are overlapping. So the first should fade out as the other fades in - simple. No, the fade out is not too bad - the fade in just doesn't seem to work.

    Any suggestions, please?


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  2. My confusion deepens. Following the VFSC manual, it says:

    'You can set exact difference in time of fading out and fading in by marking both objects on timeline and clicking "Set order with offset". In the open window enter time in milliseconds – this time sets interval of how long the object will intersect one the other (for instance, -1000 milliseconds).'

    Would love to follow the advice. However, the 'set order with offset' is nowhere that I can find. Am I missing something obvious here?


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