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    Rendering a FHD (1920x10809) project with an original CD quality music track produces audible artifacts in the AAC sound track when using Video studio X7 or Video studio 2019.
    The result is additional noise, modulated by the original sound. Since the effect is not very prominent it may be accepted by many users but it is not tolerable for critical work. The effect has been verified on 3 different PCs (Win7/32 bit, Win10/64bit) with both CVS versions and delivered results that are consitently faulty. It is most likely that ALL versions of Video studio suffer this error. All attempts to make Corel support track and resolve the problem failed.

    Workaround: Render the project into *.m2t which shows no errors. However these files get approx. 60 % larger, or avoid CVS software.
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  2. It sounds like CVS just has a poor aac encoder. Try higher bitrates and see if it improves. Or try a different audio codec like AC3 at 256 kbps (for stereo) or higher.
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