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  1. This is a query on behalf of an actress who uses her Panasonic camcorder to create audition ‘self-tapes’ to send to casting directors. Up till now, she’s made do with ordinary desklights to fill in shadows, but is now looking to buy proper lights. She was originally planning to get two flat-panel LEDs, but has recently seen that Youtube beauty vloggers (which is a similar face-to-camera type of production) use one ring light instead. This appeals because it would take up less space and cost less, while also presumably being flattering. So she has these questions:

    Would a ring light be suitable?

    Does the lens have to point through the middle of the ring?

    If so, are there any that suit camcorders you know of (a lot seem to be designed for DSLRs or phones)?

    She has a tripod the camcorder goes on, are there ring lights that can just be added to that (she’s seen a lot that come with tripods, with no obvious fitment for a camcorder)?

    Any other thoughts/suggestions would be welcome, thanks!
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    Ring lights should be around the lens. That's the whole point. It is meant as a fully symmetrical, fully flat, nearly shadowless light source.
    They also create cute little light rings in the talent.

    Note, the downside is that it may be too flat, with no shadows. Chiaroscuro can be very good, imparting the impression of depth.

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