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  1. I am aiming to capture according to these specs:

    I am wondering whether this machine would be adequate to run VirtualDub2 and capture to FFV1 with a Diamond ATI TV Wonder HD 750 USB under Windows 10.
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  2. Dinosaur Supervisor KarMa's Avatar
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    Don't capture with FFV1, as it will probably be too demanding. Maybe try Lagarith or Huffyuv, which can be converted to FFV1 later if you want the smaller size.
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    Your system is much faster than what's required for lossless capture, but as KarMa says, capturing to FFV1 is not recommended. There's a reason your image header says "Archive Copy". Even setting aside the capture overhead, any further processing will be slowed by FFV1's slow decoding.

    The operating system is more of a concern than exact system specs, since it limits your choices for quality SD capture devices.

    I hope you didn't buy the ATI 750 USB intending to capture VHS or other tapes:
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  4. This is not going to be an airgapped system, this will be my only computer. Believe me, I've been reading these boards for years, I know XP or 7 is the best route to go for capture, and even then ideally on a desktop. But given that this machine will be connected to the information superhighway, I am worried about vulnerabilities and so am forced to use the monstrosity Windows 10.

    Regarding the card, I saw lordsmurf recommended it in a thread a while back and went off of that. Does anyone have a better recommendation in a similar-or-lesser price range?
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