Hello, dear all.

Some days ago my PC was running OK. But I don't know why few days ago I could notice some strange behaviour.

Now I'm having some problems when I try to open browser on my PC.

I use Firefox portable. Chrome. Opera portable. When I try to open them it seem that Windows are "blocking" them.

Firefox are blocked despite I try to open it. And Chrome I must to reboot the operating system at least one time to make it work.

I use Malwarebytes and Kaspersky antivirus. Maybe such programs or Windows itself ( eg: firewall ) are blocking the browsers?

If yes, how can I see if they are blocking my browsers?

I use CCleaner too. But now when I try to clean the garbage the program can't complete the process. It runs without complete the cleaning work.

My OS is Windows 10 64 Bits.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards.

devil (johner)