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  1. Hi,
    I'm trying to download this video from a catch-up TV service :
    Normally it's no longer available on the original website as the delay has expired, but I found the direct link here :
    If I try to download it, it stops after about 26MB -- I tried through the browser, then with with curl.exe and the "Convert/Record" module in VLC Media Player. Yet I can play it with VLC Media Player beyond that point (sometimes it stops, but I can fast-forward to seemingly any point all the way to the end). So is there a way to download the whole video ?
    Please reply ASAP, as the link may become invalid anytime soon.
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  2. So, I managed to get the whole stream with good old NetTransport 1.94, by resuming repeatedly when the download stopped (sometimes it worked right away, sometimes I had to retry several times, or wait a few seconds, it stopped 10-15 times in about 25 minutes).
    But I would still be interested in a method which would deal with that kind of situation automatically. I then retried curl with the --retry parameter, but it still stopped at the first transmission issue.

    I:\captvty-2.8.4-autoextract\tools>curl --insecure --retry 100 --retry-delay 5 -o "I:\Broken curl retry.mp4"
      % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                     Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
      1 1853M    1 30.0M    0     0  1191k      0  0:26:33  0:00:25  0:26:08 1211k
    curl: (18) transfer closed with 1911761429 bytes remaining to read
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    00/041140-000-A_EXT_1_VA-STA_AMM-PTWEB_EXTRAIT_XQ.1E3a5165ved.smil/master.m3u8 b
    est -o "D:/Testing01.ts"
    [cli][info] Found matching plugin hls for URL
    [cli][info] Available streams: 61k (worst), 216p, 360p, 406p, 720p (best)
    [cli][info] Opening stream: 720p (hls)
    [download][Testing01.ts] Written 47.0 MB (40s @ 1.4 MB/s)
    [cli][info] Stream ended
    [cli][info] Closing currently open stream...
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  4. Thanks for the reply. I didn't try the M3U8 stream, as the direct HTTP stream was available (albeit barely).
    But the link you tested with actually points to a short excerpt, not the whole video. On this website, when the availability delay has expired (generally 7 days), the original JSON page no longer displays the links to the full length streams, but instead those of short excerpts (as shown by "EXT" and "EXTRAIT"). The website linked above ( apparently stores the original links (including the one I copied above, for the best quality 720p stream in non-dubbed and french subtitled version, the resulting file is 1.80 GB / 1h39min), which may still work for a while even though they're no longer referenced. And it stores only the direct HTTP links, so I couldn't even have tried the M3U8 link in that case.

    So, again, is there a method, with curl or any other tool, which can deal with such a situation where a video stream randomly ceases to transmit, and resume the download automatically until the file is complete ? With curl, what is the --retry option for if not precisely for that very purpose ?
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  5. (Sorry, double post... I'm currently trying to solve a completely unrelated and much more complicated issue on my main computer, and posting from my older computer using IE11.)
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