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  1. Script to scale videos with waifu2x. (AviSynth )

    It allows you to scale your videos using Waifu2x, without the need to export all images(10Gb-50Gb), as well as the possibility to detect duplicate frames, and save processing time.

    "waifu2x.- Image Super-Resolution for Anime-style art using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. And it supports photo"

    Tutorial in Video

    Work with any command line program(Windows), such as:

    waifu2x-conver-cpp, waifu2x-caffe, waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan. (This is supported by CUDA,CUDNN, GPU AMD, Vulkan)
    • It has duplicate frame detector, to save processing time.
    • Only use two unique temporary files, 20 mb space disk necessary.
    • With all the advantages that AviSynth have, such as video trim, sound, etc.

    In the description of the YouTube video, comes a compressed file with all the necessary files (dlls)

    other links:
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    Interesting workaround for being able to use Waifu2x within AVISynth. AND being able to benefit from CUDA? Excellent.
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  3. Yes, with CUDA, vulkan,OpenCV, GPU AMD, and/or with any command line program (ImageMagick,gimp).
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