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    When I check the MTS files that my Canon camcorder records in Mediainfo, I can see that in the Audio info it is written in case of every of them: "Delay relative to video: -80ms"

    You can see a screenshot here about this:

    In case I import these files to Sony Vegas, will Vegas adjust the delay automatically and place the audio and video correctly on the timeline, or after adding the video to the timeline, I should shift the audio manually with 80 ms?
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  2. Most likely you are trying to fix something that isn't broken.

    Look for a clear sync moment -- say, a close handclap and see if sound and picture are in sync. If it's 2-3 frames off, consider making the adjustment.

    On my Sony CX900, audio on spanned clips start with a whopping -445ms delay (after the first clip) -- and the sync is dead on.
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  3. But it is not broken, there is just a little configuration problem.

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