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  1. Last edited by lajvguy; 19th Nov 2019 at 03:01.
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  2. - this is the highest quality.

    Keep in mind this seems to be a live stream and you can go back 50 chuncks back only, so you've missed your chance.

    Currently the live stream is around 1572181609, so you can go back to 1572181559 at most. I hope that makes sense.

    Thanks !
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  3. Thank you for the help. Can you explain how you go back 50 chunks?
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  4. I tested it TS chunk by TS chunk and as far it goes is 50 chunks, which is a little over 4 minutes,since one chunk is 5 sec. I don't think any provider keeps every chunk available, so users can rewind endlessly. Your provider has his stream setup this way, I am not aware of any way around this.
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  5. Does anybody know how I can I rewind & play the older 50 ts chunks?
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  6. I still don't understand. Is there somebody that can tell me how to rewind & play the older 50 ts chunks?
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  7. Need URL and access.
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  8. @LZAA,

    Just sent you PM.
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  9. I still don't understand how to rewind & play the older 50 ts chunks. Can somebody help?
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  10. @LZAA,

    Okay. I'm waiting.
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  11. @LZAA,

    I guess you can't help me with the ts files. I hope somebody else knows how to play ts files.
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  12. I could not overcome the geolocation. I canít help.
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    Two valid points which need repeating.

    1. Paid subscription sites generally fall as rentals and forum rules forbid discussion. Read the rules for more clarity.

    2. Sharing your log in details with anyone with a different IP carries a risk of your own access being terminated.
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