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  1. Hi everyone. So, I'm looking for a software (licensed or license-free) that could 1. easily 2. without changing the technical aspects of the source video file (resolution, format, bitrate, timing) censor films. And by censor I just mean to put "a simple black screen on the certain parts of the film'. Meaning the film is actually playing in the background with its audio and all but we just don't see it, we get to the the 'black screen' instead. I don't want to remove any specific parts, I don't want to have the timings of the film changed. I just want to simply put a 'black screen' on some parts. Is there an easy-to-use simple software for this? I know couple softwares but they all change the technical aspects of the output. I want to have the file intact; with the same format, aspect ratio, resolution and... and I don't want to manually control the output, I want the software to 'not change' anything.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Davinci Resolve, the free version should be more than enough for what you need. You can also do semi-auto tracking to censor stuff.
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