This falls into the "what the hell" category; I found this thread with a Google search. I'm wanting to be able to digitize stereo audio, cassettes and LPs, with a Raspberry Pi. I couldn't find any stereo hardware currently available for the Pi, but I have an old Roxio UB315-E capture dongle which once belonged to my parents (no drivers or disc). I'd like to know if anyone is aware of a way to use this hardware together for audio only?

Before someone tells me to buy new and better hardware, I do have two ATI All-In-Wonder video capture setups running under Windows XP with some very nice S-VHS VCRs. I'll use them if necessary. But I have the Pi set up as an OpenELEC/Kodi media player in the living room and my capture room is full up with crap. It'd be helpful to concentrate the audio stuff in the living room so that I can capture there when I have material and just use it for entertainment at other times without having to shuffle stuff around. Thanks in advance for any help.