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    I have a ton of spanned mts files from an iview converter box\pvr. The box in question died (power supply) this summer, but I have all the files it recorded on the external drive it uses. I have the contents currently dumped onto a server on my wireless lan network and I have been trying to get these files to merge seamlessly for playback. They played fine on the box (until it's death), but I can't combine the files without losing 1 to 7 seconds between files. I've tried ffmpeg, tsmuxer, handbreak, mp4box, wondersoft (converter and filmora), easiestsoft video joiner, and DVD flick. All haven't really worked without dropping quite a few frames. The IPTV in the screen shot is for Iowa Public Television. The playlist type files may be stored on the box somewhere, so I just have the mts files.Image
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    I know this was over a year ago but I had the same problem when I reformatted a drive on the iView and it defaulted to FAT32 instead of NTFS. It caused all my recordings over an hour long to split up into 4GB files with numbers like yours. I was able to join them using an old fashioned DOS command. Found this on Google:
    "The simplest way to merge them is to hold the Windows key, press R, then type "cmd" without quotes and hit Enter to open a command prompt. If the files are in a directory named "iview" on C:\, type "cd C:\iview" without quotes to enter that directory, then type:
    copy /b file.mts1 + file.mts2 + file.mts3 full.mts
    This would join files 1, 2, and 3 into a single file named full.mts."

    It makes it a lot easier if you rename the files with a real short 1 or 2 character name and you have to get rid of the numbers after the mts extension. ( But be sure to keep track of the order as you rename ). Call the first file in a given set 1a.mts, rename the second one with the "mts1" extension to 1b.mts, the mts2 file to 1c.mts, and so on. Then use this command:
    copy /b 1a.mts + 1b.mts + 1c.mts + 1d.mts all.mts
    This will losslessly join files "1a" thru "1d" into one file called "all".
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