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    So I have some 24-bit / 48000kz audio flac files that I play on my music software at the same input quality and use an equalizer along with it. I can't get the same sound if I equalize it in audio editing software so I thought maybe I could record the audio playing through my laptop and save it that way. Is there any recommended software that would record at the same bit depth and sample rate?
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    You will be loosing a lot of quality if you record out of the analog output of an equalizer, Just use a different audio software if you don't like the one you have, audio quality loss out of a DSP is a lot less than converting to analog and back to digital.
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  3. Use Audacity and record the "What you hear" device. That's the digital data after processing and before being converted to analog (the digital data being sent to the audio DAC).
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