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    I need to convert my AVCHD files on my SD card to MPEG4. There are just too many softwares out there to choose from. I could read for hours and research. Please recommend one please. Thanks!
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    AVCHD is already a format which contains MPEG4 (AVC) video. If you want to convert the TransportStream container to an MP4 container, you can use a variety of remultiplexers, e.g. some GUIs using MP4Box or ffmpeg (like YAMB or My MP4Box GUI or possibly HandBrake / VidCoder / TEncoder if you configure them to not convert but only copy content streams), if you may not even use those directly on the console.

    If I had to recommend one or two first, try YAMB beta 2.1 as a GUI for MP4Box, or My MP4Box GUI.
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