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  1. I'm ripping some blu rays that have Dolby Digital TrueHD sound tracks. My home theatre sound system is older, and only supports DD Pro Logic, DD Pro Logic II, DTS, DTS-ES, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital EX. So I'm wondering what I will get if I rip the Blu Ray with the TrueHD sound track (I use MakeMKV), then re-encode the movie in Handbrake and convert the TrueHD sound track with Handbrake's AC3 5.1 audio encoder?
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  2. On Blu-Ray TrueHD is always accompanied by an Dolby Digital (AC3) core anyways. In MakeMKV you should be able to select just the AC3 core instead of the TrueHD version. I recommend this instead of re-encoding the audio via HandBrake (in HandBrake you can select AC3 passthru so that the data is only copied).
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